Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pretty delicious afternoon tea at Sogno Cafe+

I love afternoon teas, but it is difficult to find places serving good ones.

The one at Sogno surprised me.

By the entrance, there is a chalk illustration of the afternoon tea, price per person and when it is served.

The decor of this place is really nice.

Elegant water dispenser made of glass.

Coffee blends for sale:

Nice view from the window which takes you away from the city.


Teas are included in the tea set but it would be great if there was an English menu.

There are dried flowers that you can add to the tea, all of them displayed in the jars with a tweezer and a filter bag to put the flowers in before putting it in the teapot.
The African gold roses were my favourite.

Afternoon tea set:

On the bottom plate are savoury bites, the middle plate and top plates are sweet pastres and bites.

Top plate: Cream brûlée, 2.scones (original and fig) with rose jam and cream, chocolate coated strawberries.
Middle plate: Walnut brownie, Earl grey chiffon cake, Banana cheese cake, Passion fruit and mango Mille-feuille.
Bottom plate: Salmon and pineapple croissant, mushrooms filled with salmon and truffle scambled egg, Indian chicken skewer with avocado cream cheese sauce, pickled pearl onion with honey roasted pork knuckle mini scone, prawn and crab vol-au-vent.

I was impressed with the selection because it included popular items at Sogno such as the Earl Grey chiffon cakes and the scrambled egg on mushrooms which is just like a summarized breakfast in one bite.

Bottom plate:
Started off with the savoury selection first.

Clockwise starting from the bottom: Indian chicken skewer, pearl onion and pork knuckle scone, prawn and crab vol-au-vent and the breakfast bite.
My favourite had to be the breakfast bite because it was a delicious earthy mushroom paired with scrambled eggs with salmon and truffle.
Then the pork knuckle scone was my next favourite because of the tangy pickled pearl onion and tasty pork knuckle.
The Indian chicken skewer was good as well but I would prefer mint yoghurt of sour cream sauce on it.
While the rest were small bites, the salmon and pineapple croissant was a good filler.
I felt that the crab and prawn vol-au-vent should be eaten first because it was light and creamy.
middle plate:

I was looking forward to this plate because the Earl grey chiffon cake is a popular cake here.
It was amazingly soft and light enhanced with the dreamy black sugar whipped cream on top.
The banana cheesecake was good because it was made with real bananas hence it tasted natural.
As for the walnut brownie, it looked like a cute mini cupcake which had a rich chocolate taste balanced by the walnuts.
Lastly I had the mille-feulle which was very tropical and summery with mango pieces, passionfruit cream and custard.
Top plate:

On the top plate I was attracted by the scones because they were tiny and cute.
The fig scone was my favourite because there was so much fig mixed into it as shown below!!!

Then I tried the creme brulee which was divine because it had a fragrant egg taste that was not too sweet.
My afternoon tea treats ended by devouring the juicy chocolate strawberry last.
Overall, I was impressed with the tea set because all the items were delectable and not too sweet.

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