Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cafe Aberdeen at Kai Tak

The Kai Tak Cruise terminal (formerly Kai Tak airport) does not have many options for food.

Cafe Aberdeen is the only one that serves local chaa tan teng food so you can imagine how overjoyed the locals would be if they were hungry when they found this place because there is absolutely nothing to eat there!!

Luckily, the prices are reasonable.

Ordered the pork chops which do not come with rice so you have to add another $5 for the set which comes with soup and rice.

The soup was ok, nothing spectacular about it, there was no MSG which was good.

The steamed meat patty had no MSG either but again, nothing spectacular about it.

Then came the ugly pork chops which turned out to be amazing, the crispy garlic and chili was delicious and the pork chops were aromatic and juicy.
I would prefer the pork chops to be sliced thinner so that it would be more crispy and tastier.

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