Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dreamy Tofu pudding with caramel

Dream Tofa (Central)
Since my last visit, there are so many different sauces for the tofu pudding such as red beans, chocolate, sesame, strawberry etc.

For Chinese tastebuds, they are probably going to pick red beans or sesame but for Western tastebuds, there are quite a few good choices to choose from including caramel.

The caramel and tofu pudding definitely go together because it is just like caramel milk pudding but the milk has been replaced with soymilk.

Tofu pudding with caramel:

It was definitely a good pairing, smooth silky tofu and the sweet caramel sauce which was a bit watery.
I was expecting thick caramel sauce but it turns out to be caramel syrup.

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