Friday, September 26, 2014

das sheiße at Das Gute Cafe (Tai Koo)

Ich hatte das sheiße Frühstück!!!

Originally I was going to order the salmon burger but saw the real thing which did not look appetizing so opted for the $68 breakfast.

They will bring over a bread basket where you choose a bread.
The one I chose did not taste that nice because the texture was not springy.

Now to the breakfast!

Wow, that was stingy!!!
The bacon looked liked i was boiled.

The mushroom was just ridiculous! One tiny button mushroom sliced into five pieces!!
At least it shows the chef is good as slicing small things into even smaller pieces.

The scrambled egg was not even a scrambled egg, it was just egg beaten up and fried.

Lastly finished off with a really foul tea!
It was as dark and as bitter as coffee.

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