Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stunning black egg at Lazy Hog

Dined at Lazy Hog because of the black egg!

Lazy Hog is located on Bridges Street.

Here was what I had:
Pineapple lime:

It was a pineapple steak at the bottom with pineapple carpaccio slices on top drizzled with lime juice and fine lime peel shavings.
This was very refreshing to start off with especially with the tangy lime juice and juicy pineapple.
Squid ink egg salad:
It had a great presentation and definitely worth ordering.
The egg was BLACK and looked like a black burrata.

However I was slightly disappointed that it was solid all the way through because there was meant to be liquid oozing out from the middle as shown on the previous review.

It would be great if it had liquid vibrant orange yolk in the middle or something runny to mix with the salad leaves.

Although it did not have a runny centre, it tasted so amazing with a strong squid ink taste.
When I eat squid, the taste is similar to egg white so when delicate egg white was infused with squid ink, the taste and texture was divine.
The pieces of toasted bread were nice but a little too crispy.
As an alternative I would not mind having soft pieces of squid ink bread instead.
Digital bill:

They also give you a printed receipt as well and I kept the change because one of the fifty cent coins was a really old one.

The bill: $194

Service: OK
Service charge: yes
Yummy factor: ok
Toilets: yes
Glass of water provided: yes

English Menu: Yes

Air Conditioning: Yes
Music Levels: Yes
Lazy Hog:
29-31 Bridges Street, Sheung Wan

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