Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Captivated by the butterfly : Oddies (Wan Chai)

I was drawn to this place after seeing pretty butterflies on the softserve.

It is a small shop which stands about one or two people.

The shop is plain white with artistic bits and pieces here and there.

The toppings were stored in these lovely glass jars.

When I went, there were three Italian soft gelato desserts to choose from: Oddies garden, red odd and white sand.
They were all unique which made it difficult to choose.
The oddies garden has matcha panna cotta at the bottom with fresh mango, sesame crumble, caramelized almond meringue, edible pansy flowers garnished with a beautiful butterfly on top.
The Red Odd was visually attractive because of the dotty strawberry jelly and smoked vanilla icecream.

Last but not least, the White sand had pineapple foam, honey sheet and a liquid filled bubble.

In the end I went for the White Sand and had some eggettes as well.
White sand:
Italian low fat soft gelato served with lychee, coconut crumble, cherries in kirsch, coconut condensed milk sorbet, coconut explosion, pineapple foam, millefeuille crisps and honey sheet

I was really glad I chose this because there were so many different but tasty elements in this.
The gelato was impressive because it was not too sweet and it went really well with the refreshing pineapple foam, then there was delicious cherries which were soaked in Kirsch.
Then at the bottom, there were fresh pieces of lychee.

I had the molecular bubble last which was a burst of lychee extract.
It was a great way to end the dessert because it was like a mini shot of juice.

Dark Chocolate gelato:

The chocolate gelato was rich and smooth.
ham and cheese:

The ham and cheese was really good because the eggette was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with melted cheese here and there.
As a personal preference I would prefer a stronger cheese.
So Mexican:

The taste was a bit different to what I was expecting because it tasted more like Chicken tikka.
Anyway, I liked it because of the strong flavours.

Next time I am going to try the vanilla rice pudding eggette which should be interesting!


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