Friday, September 26, 2014

Great snacks at Tung Tat Food Shop (Mong Kok)

These snacks are great to have once in a while, but it is strange that locals complain that fries and burgers are greasy when these fried snacks actually contain more oil which you can visibly see in the photo below.

I ordered the fish shaomai, stuffed green pepper, two pieces of tofu with fish patty on it.

When it came, they all looked lovely with a juicy green pepper that had gone slightly yellow.
It was served green pepper skin side up because part of the stuffing had gone.

Anyway, the snacks were decent because the frying oil was fresh and the colour of the fried snacks were nice and pale. (Not golden enough for Hong Kong standards, but great in my opinion).
The fish patty was slightly chewy and did not contain any grounded bones with a strong fish taste that most places don't have.
The fish shaomai was ok because it was flavoured by the soy sauce and it was not the type that clearly tastes of fish flavoured flour.

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