Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Interesting Sichuan menu

I came across this joint on my way to Icelicious so stopped for some food.
The menu was interesting so I tried these black noodles because I didn’t know what they were with shredded chicken.
Chicken with black noodles:

It came with lots of toppings such as pickled beans, crunchy soya beans and other pickled vegetables.

The noodles beneath were black and tossed in sauce, which was fragrant, and delicious infused with Sichuan spices (not an expert in Sichuan food) while the chicken was surprisingly good because it was flavourful and the chicken was springy!

I saw these snacks in the fridge:

Interesting finds on the menu:
Stir fried pork trotter skin!
frogs legs with Sichuan pepper!
Sichuan beef on cocktail sticks!
hand shredded/Sichuan Duck!
Interesting black noodles!
??? and stir fried pigs tail!
Stir fried beef with thin rice vermicelli!
Chili pork trotters!
254 Hennessey Road
Tel: 2351 5668

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