Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Beancurd pudding pot plant at Kyoto Matcha Cafe

Came here a few years ago and the food was crap but went here again because I was thirsty.
There were more choices for food and drinks so I ended up getting a dessert as well.

The floor was not very clean because there was lots of rice all over the place.

Uji matcha with chocolate milk:

The drink tasted very powdery with a mix of green powder and chocolate powder.
It was pleasant to drink but it wasn’t impressive.
Uji matcha beancurd pudding:

Beneath the black biscuit crumbs was matcha tofu which had a light matcha taste and no tofu taste.

There was a layer of cream in the middle which wasn’t necessary and ruined the taste.
Kyoto Matcha Cafe

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