Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Nepalese style pigs trotter at Johnny Gurkha

Discovered this shop because it was newly listed and the name reminded me of Indian takeaways in the UK and Gurkha soldiers.
Johnny Gurkha serves Nepalese fare which is rare in Hong Kong, in Central there was only one called Anna Pura.
There are two Nepalese restaurants in Wan Chai, one called 2stars and the other called Himalayan Restaurant.

I went for something different because I normally have momos for Nepalese fare.

This was pigs trotter served in tomato gravy, dried chilis and ginger.
Basically it is similar to the Chinese style trotters where they are braised in red beancurd sauce but the sauce here was more spicy and flavourful with hints of chili and ginger that make it moreish with rice.
I would have liked it if they served Indian rice instead of Chinese rice but definitely worth trying because the trotters are extremely soft and gelatinous with a spicy kick.

These were starters that were given.
Chopped tomato and onion salsa with poppadoms.
The bill: $64

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