Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pizzas and sweet treats at I.E. Kitchen Academie Culinaire

Went to a friends house warming so got some treats for them.
I didn't want to get some lame cakes or stuff that you can get anywhere so went here.

I got some pizzas, fruit tarts and cheesecakes which were really affordable because the pizza was only $20 and the tarts were $18.
Macaroni and cheese pie:

I thought this was a quiche but they said it was macaroni and cheese pie.
The filling was satisfying with pasta twists in creamy cheese sauce.
Salami pizza:

The salami pizza is really tasty and the salami is not too salty.
Hawaii pineapple and ham:

This was my friends favourite because they liked the pineapple.
Olives and mushrooms :

The olives and mushrooms pizza was my favourite because there were lots of veggies such as colourful peppers and mushrooms.
Sweet treats $18/pc:

Truffle chocolate tart:

The chocolate truffle was silky and rich with a soft piece of cake in the middle.

Raspberry cheesecake:

The raspberry and blueberry cheesecake base is basically the same topped with raspberry or blueberry.
I found the cheese not strong enough.
Blueberry cheesecake:

NY cheesecake:

The NY cheesecake was rich with a strong cheese taste.
Melon tart:

Basically the fruit tarts are the same but with different fruits.
The melon one was my favourite because melon is juicy and sweet.
Fruit tart:

Blueberry tart:

Lemon tart:

I loved the lemon tart because it was sweet with a hint of lemon tartness.

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