Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe at Hui Lau Shan

HLS have launched these cute buckets of fruit slushes in four flavours:
Pineapple, longnan berry, strawberry and cucumber.

Previously tried the cucumber which was too sweet so went for the Pineapple because Mjqueen7e said the coconut noodles were good.
The promotional leaflets at this store were better and they had a pop up menu.

You can get these $10 coupons for the slush buckets so they only cost around $23 but I didn't know about them and didn't see them giving it out.

After tearing the coupons away you can make this flick flack game [there are other names for this eg cootie catcher] to decide which flavour.

Pineapple slush:

At this branch, they give you a square plate instead of the rectangular plate.
The pineapple slush was refreshing because it was blended with fresh chunks of pineapple but it was slightly too sweet.
Beneath the slush were coconut noodles which was delicious with the slush and the sweetness eating these two together were just right.
Cucumber slush:

Tried the cucumber slush again and the slush was too sweet and the sweetness was consistent with the first time I tried it.

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