Sunday, July 26, 2015

Burst egg yolk at See See Look Restaurant

LOL, what a name! See See Look Restaurant .

Came here randomly because I haven't tried this place.

It was good that they had an English menu which serves MICED MEAT, SOFE DRINK and STATY BEEF.

I was deciding between the egg and tomato and the fried egg and luncheon meat.
In the end I got the luncheon meat.

The soup was just the usual Chinese broth.
fried egg and luncheon meat:

It was good that they give you the soy sauce separately so you can decide how much you want to add but the thing that let it down was the burst egg yolk and the rice was too soggy.
The luncheon meat was soft and tasteless but the egg was quite nice especially the egg white because it was delicate and fragrant.

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