Friday, July 10, 2015

V pour Victor et Victory Big Fernand

I am not keen on beef but I am hooked on their burgers because their beef patties taste divine.
Not only the beef, but they serve quality French cheese in the burgers.
My favourites are the tomme de savoie and Fourme de Ambert.

This time I had Le Victor which is a veal patty with Fourme de Ambert cheese.

As expected, I loved it because the veal patty and blue cheese were just amazing, the veal patty has a lighter beef taste compared to the beef patty but the strong tasting blue cheese makes up for it.

The fries were better time because they were not so crispy and I dipped then in Heinz real mayonnaise which is the best mayo to go with it.

For drinks I had the pomegranate which was sweet and fragrant.

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