Thursday, July 02, 2015

HKD$10 noodles at 759雲吞麵

759 was a shop selling preserved packaged food to start off with and now they have expanded into other businesses such as cosmetics, noodle joints and now a bakery too!
I wonder if we will see 759 Medical clinics, 759 Salons, 759 Laundry, 759 Petrol Stations coming soon!!!

Initially 759 didn't appeal to me because the variety was limited and it was cheap and unhealthy packaged Asian snacks like noodles and crisps but now there is more European variety and they even have TIMOTEI shampoo.

I came across this 759 Wonton noodles shop because I was in the area so decided to try it.
Noodles in wonton broth:

I don’t normally eat wonton noodles but because it was by 759 I decided to give it a go.
They cost around $3X which is not cheap but as I was having dinner I went for the plain noodles which cost $10.
It comes with vegetables so $10 is quite a good deal for vegetarians and meatless Mondays.
Anyway, the noodles were surprisingly good because the broth was good, it was strong with an addictive msg flavouring. 
As the noodles got softer, they were tastier because it has absorbed the broth.
Shop No. 1, G/F, Cheung Sha Wan Estate Ancillary Facilities Block,Cheung Sha Wan

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