Monday, July 06, 2015

Tasty fried dumplings at Northern Dumpling Yuan

Northern Dumpling Yuan has been in Hong Kong for ages with their first shop is in Wan Chai that is always busy.
I remember the time I deliberately went there at 5.35pm to avoid the crowd.
The great news is that there are now branches all over Hong Kong and the receipt has English AND Chinese printed.
Decided to tried their pan-fried dumplings because I have tried the chicken rice and donkey meat on the last visit.
Mixed jellyfish:

A decent portion of jellyfish but they were quite spicy.
Fried beef and fennel dumplings:

These dumplings were delicious because the minced beef was juicy and there were lots of fennel intertwined with the beef but the fennel taste could have been stronger.
Fried Vegetarian dumplings:

The vegetarian one was filled with lots of chopped veggies, black fungus and when chili bean sauce was added, they tasted even better.
Fried asparagus and shellfish dumplings:

The taste of this dumpling was light compared to the other flavours so if you are looking for a light one, this is a good one to choose.
Lamb and spring onion dumplings:

The lamb was not gamey and the strong spring onions complemented it. The spring onions were not over cooked and had some crunch to it like raw onions. The skin was just right and not too thick.
Chilled Julienne Potato:

This was a nice chilled side dish that was refreshing because they tasted sweet and sour.
Shredded chicken and flat green bean noodles:

The bean noodles at this place taste slightly different because the noodles are slightly elastic and sweeter.
Vegetable rice

The vegetable rice would be a good choice for vegetarians paired with braised shitaake mushrooms.
Shandong roasted chicken

The chicken was tender and tasty topped with finely chopped spring onions, garlic and chili sauce.
The fried dumplings turned out to be delicious so I will be back again for more dumplings!
The Northern dumpling Yuan:
Shop B, G/F, 401-403 Lockhart Road,Causeway Bay

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