Thursday, July 09, 2015

This place is going to go viral [Viral Fusion]

I really liked the Chinese food here because it has a modern touch and it is not just ingredients that are stir fried in a wok with the usual sauces such oyster sauce, soy sauce and msg etc.
Tried this place for lunch which was good, but dinner is even better because the Chef has more time to showcase his skills.

Tried the set dinner which costs HKD$750 per person.
Started with the Burgandy Tango which was Shallots marinated in a cherry wine to tease your palate.

I loved the ruby coloured jelly and cherries. The shallots were refreshing but lacked cherry taste.
Then we had the King’s Catch which were scallops on a bed of crispy fried shredded scallop which gives the scallop a stronger taste and the sauce was nice and tangy too.

Next was the Black pearl which was amazing because I loved the clear consomme and the idea of sweet dumpling that was transformed into a savoury dumpling using squid ink and filled with generous crab meat!

Next was the futuristic looking lobster floating on clouds!!
The lobster was delicately coated in a light tempura batter served with yuzu wasabi sauce and other sauces.

Although it was batter, I felt that it tasted like Corn starch because it is better and lighter and the lobster was actually tender and springy.
The lobster was dusted with freeze dried sesame powder that looked like ash and had this lovely aromatic sesame taste released when you ate it.
Treasure Chest:

To be honest, it looked like a fried chicken but the chicken was soft and juicy yet the skin was as thin as wafer and crispy too.
I don't usually bother with chicken wings or chicken claws because it is just chicken skin, but here is was just crispy skin which was delicious.
Blazing angus
The Tender angus steak seasoned with Sichuan inspired spices was bliss because it reminded me of steak with green pepper gravy but the Sichuan gravy was even better because Sichuan pepper has a lovely aroma.

The gourmet crock

For the vegetable dish, we had this huge chunk of wintermelon that had lots of fresh vegetables in it.

For the last dish before dessert it was The gourmet crock which was Matsutake mushrooms and abalone rice slow cooked in the clay pot.

Rice and abalone gravy is simply good.
We ended dinner with the Dessert mountain of fresh fruits and Chinese candies.

Chinese candies:

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is bored of Chinese food.

Viral Fusion:
13/F Pearl Oriental House, 
60 Stanley Street,
2677 5300

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