Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Beast Feast Menu at Linguini Fini

Apart from pastas, I was surprised there was a Beast Feast at Linguini Fini, which costs $458 per person (minimum 6 persons or more).

I was expecting lots of meat but it was antipasti, a cute suckling pig with vegetables and dessert.

Started off with garlic bread which was crispy and chewy served with a tasty sauce, then there was a tangy green salad and my favourite homemade burrata which was creamy.

After that, we had the Whole Sausage Stuffed Suckling Pig served with vegetables and pickles.

The pickled cauliflower and beets went nicely with the pig because it balanced the fattiness while the chili mostarda (spicy mustard) made it appetizing.

It was fancy mustard mixed with spices that were really addictive.

There was Classic Linguini Fini Pomodori so you don’t miss out on the famous pastas.

We finished with Apple Pie with Lily & Ran Vanilla Ice Cream.
For drinks I had the Beetnik which was a blend of beetroot, orange, carrot and basil.

It was not too sweet with a slight bitterness from the orange peel.

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