Saturday, July 11, 2015

Girl's night [Bistronomique Staunton]

Previously came here for lunch which was good but dinner is even better.
Started off with crusty bread and butter.

Foie gras “confit” Gewurztrominer gelee $128

Started with this sinfully guilty foie gras which was velvety and rich with a strong white wine jelly that complimented it perfectly.
Caesar salad with anchovy and Parmesan $88

Then we had the salad which was generously topped with shaved parmesan and the highlight of the salad were the white anchovies because the vinegar that it was in was really appetizing.
The eggs had a perfectly runny yolk too!
Spinach crepes with black truffle and cheese $88

The crepes which was flaky filo pastry were stuffed with lovely spinach and cheese is fit for anyone who loves spinach and cheese with a hint of black truffle which made them even more scrumptious.
Lobster risotto (for two $680)

The lobster risotto was interesting because it was loaded with pearl onions and other vegetables which makes it less heavy and the lobster was meaty and springy.
Bitter chocolate mousse cake with vanilla ice-cream HK$ 55

To finish off, we had this rich velvety mousse cake which had lovely layers of chocolate cake in between.
We had a lovely girls night with fine food but we were left feeling guilty because of the dishes with high cholesterol!

[Bistronomique Staunton]
G/F, 33 Staunton Street, Soho
Tel: 2385 9883

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