Wednesday, July 22, 2015

From Kyoto with love at Shoeian Kyoto

I am not a fan of Matcha or Kyoto but tried this place because it was new.
There were quite a lot of choices for Matcha fans.

According to the staff, there is a shop in Japan.

I needed a plastic bag but I was told it costs 50 cents, but in the end they gave it to me because it was for food.
To be honest I don't know if the plastic bag policy applies to bakery.

Kyoto matcha bread stuffed with matcha paste:

The matcha paste was not that strong and very sweet and the bun texture tasted like local buns so that was a bit disappointing.
Kyoto matcha strawberry bread:

The strawberry bread had a similar taste and again the texture was like local bread so I didn't like it and there was an artificial strawberry aroma.
There was white paste in the middle which I havent a clue what it was but it was very sweet.


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