Saturday, July 11, 2015

Jamie’s Italian in Kowloon

After trying Jamies in Causeway Bay, we decided try the new TST branch, which is bigger with an open kitchen bar.
There is an alfresco area at the back.
Inside it has the same décor as CWB, which is painted by Jamie’s friend Barnaby Purdy, an urban artist.

This time we tried other items and some items that were exclusive to the TST branch denoted by the *.
In the UK, Jamies Italian DOES NOT HAVE PIZZA on the menu.
Here was what we had:

Crispy fried ravioli stuffed with three cheeses, served with arrabbiata & Parmesan.
I am not a fan of nachos but I love ravioli, which was why I ordered this.
For some people it might be a bit dry but I liked the cheesy filling in the middle encased in the crispy ravioli.

With oozy garlic & herb butter
The texture of the bread was a bit like thick naan and it was slightly crispy.

Crispy breadcrumbed portobello mushrooms & garlicky mayo.
This was everyones favourite because it was juicy chunky wedges coated in crispy breadcrumb coatnig.

Squid-ink pasta, flash-fried squid & mussels with slow-cooked, tender octopus, capers, anchovies, tomatoes & white wine.
The squid pasta was delicious and this is how it should taste because the pasta had squid ink taste and the sauce had a rich seafood taste so the whole thing was delcious.

Braised fennel sausage ragù with incredible Chianti, Parmesan & crunchy, herby breadcrumbs
As well as the pasta above, I liked the parppadelle because the meat sauce was rich and the strands of pappardelle had frilly edges which hung more sauce to it.

Pizza topped with tomato sauce, Cheddar cheese, fennel salami, spicy meatballs, jalapeño chillies & buffalo mozzarella.
The pizzas on the menu are only available in HK.
The Hong Kong hot is great for meatlovers and people who like salami.

With truffle cream, Cheddar cheese, wild & field mushrooms, Parmesan, smoked mozzarella & thyme.
I liked the mushroom pizza because it was light with a lovely truffle flavouring.

Coffee-flavoured trifle with orange mascarpone & chocolate.
The orange mascarpone made a real difference because the citrus flavours and chocolate cake went really well together.

Freshly baked frangipane tart served with icecream.
The almond tart was dense with a strong almond taste.
Overall, I liked the pastas the most so I will be back for it.

When you pay the bill, you can tip accordingly which goes solely to the waiter/waitress that served you.

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