Friday, July 03, 2015

A new hiding place

If you grew up in the UK, a den is a hiding place that could be a tree-house or a place to hide in the garden.
It is always fun going there with close friends and building it from scratch with twigs, pieces of wood and whatever you can find.

This was the reason I was attracted to this newly opened DEN in Sai Ying Pun.
It didn’t look exactly like a DEN but the path leading there certainly felt like one because it was a small quiet road with trees on one side.

Travelling to THE DEN was more convenient than I expected because I was dreading the walk from SYP MTR station but exit C is the shortest path and the elevator was fast.
When you get out of exit C, your almost there, you cross the road and the take the small uphill road adjacent to St Stephens college and your there.

The menu consists of steaks, comfort food and home made desserts.

I know that this place specializes in steaks but there were a few irresistible items I had to order, so steaks and dessert shall be items on my next visit.

My friend started off with grapefruit soda which I was expecting from the can or bottle but it was freshly made!!!!!!!!
First, the grapefruit juice was freshly squeezed into a glass and tonic water was added to give it the fizz resulting in a pretty glass of grapefruit soda with a lovely pink foam cap on top.
After seeing that, I immediately ordered the orange soda which was made the same way.

Both sodas tasted natrual and were thirst quenching.

For food, we had the beef cubes, fish pie, mash, bacon and egg butty and the portions were huge.
Wagyu beef cubes:
To start we had the beef cubes which were a good way of trying out their beef.
Indeed each piece of beef was juicy and tender so I am convinced to try their Wagyu tenderloin next time when I have a beef craving.
There was a side of black pepper sauce that was homemade which had a strong peppery taste but the beef was really tasty on its own that it didn’t really need anything else.
Fish pie:
Typical fish pies have a mashed potato top but here they have used puff pastry and you get a side of thick cut fries seasoned with salt and pepper.
The fish pie is slightly runny so that you can dip your chips and it is loaded with fish, prawns, crabsticks and clams.
The seafood pie was really good because there was a strong seafood taste.
Mashed potato:
This was a buttery and silky home made mash.
Bacon and egg butty:
For eggs, they have an option of free range organic eggs which cost $15 more.
Basically it was crisp tasty bacon on lovely toast paired with sunny eggs.
Meringue pavola:
For desserts, finished with this fruit pavola which was topped with fresh fruits.
I loved the pieces of orange and meringue because it was a nice balance of sweetness and sourness.
8 Oaklands Path,
Sai Ying Pun
☎️: 2803 0901.

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