Monday, July 27, 2015

Good Shanghai joint 京滬村 in Yuen Long

I don't normally trek into Yuen Long but went here because I heard the clams were good and they also serve good Shanghainese food.

Clams in Huadiao wine:
花雕醉蜆 $68

As expected, these clams were delicious, you could see how dark they were which meant that the clams have been soaked in wine for some time.
The clams were really tasty with a fragrant wine taste and the wine was not too overpowering that you could still taste the clams as well.

The platter consisted of meat terrine, jellyfish, beef shin, braised gluten and chicken with bean sheets pasta in sesame sauce.
My favourites were the jellyfish and bean sheets pasta because the sesame sauce was light and not too overpowering.
Emperor fried rice:
皇帝炒飯 $88

The fried rice was nicely done, the grains or rice were not stuck together and not too oily with lots of seafood in it.
Peking duck:

There was quite a lot of duck meat sliced from the plump duck which is paired with the pancakes, sauce, cucumbers and spring onions.
The pancakes were a bit too thick for my liking but the duck was meaty.
Chinese ham, lotus seeds in honey:
蜜汁火腿蓮子 ($168)

Basically you put the ham, crispy sheets in between the steamed bun to eat.
The sweetness of the ham and crispy bits paired together nicely.
Shanghai dumplings:

As you can see, there is so much broth in the dumplings and the meat filling inside the dumpling is fresh swishing round in a rich and sweet broth.
If I am in Yuen Long again, I will come here again for the clams and the food comes fast.

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