Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Only the dessert and drink was good at Q1

Went here especially for the pandan desserts and avocado smoothie.
The attitude of some of the staff are a bit rude so expect that or don't go.
avocado smoothie:

Thick and creamy with a rich savoury avocado taste.
I liked it because it was not sweetened.
Tomato Crab Soup Pho:

The herbs were fragrant but the soup lacked crab taste and the noodles were too soft.
The Vietnamese sausages were generous thick slices but they were unfortunately a bit too rubbery.
The blood jelly cubes were really dark and looked like it had blood poisoning or have been stewed for days.

Vietnamese style crispy bun:

The pickles were too sweet.
Pandan and mung bean dessert:

The dessert was surprisingly good because the mung bean paste was really silky and not starchy but the pandan jelly was a bit too chewy.

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