Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Warm polite staff @ 太田茶餐廳

This joint is always filled with people at lunch.

Decided to check it out and the staff were warm and friendly.

The food was ok, the egg was the best.
Egg with prawns and tomato:

The egg was really good because it was light and fluffy but it was different to how I interpreted it to be.
I was expecting prawn and egg in tomato sauce and not fresh cubes of tomato, which didn’t really give it any tomato flavour.
Spicy chicken:

Basically the chicken was chicken bones, chopped up chicken wings and joints that were chunky so it looked like a dish of chicken.
Taste was ok but not spicy enough and it was bit oily.
Quite hard

Ok,  no msg
$48 was reasonable for the egg but a bit pricey for chicken bones with not much chicken on it.

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