Friday, July 10, 2015

Filming at Nova Cafe for Eat Travel Weekly

A really big Thank you to Daniel and Sudden for giving me the chance to film this video for Nova Café.
**Photograph credits: Siuyeahdragon

I must admit even though I have known Daniel for a long time, he has this charisma that makes you go shy when you look directly at him.
The biggest challenge was my first voice because I have a vocal cord adduction, which makes it difficult and hard work for the audio guys.
Chinese is not my first language so it takes time to sink in what I have to say, but I really enjoyed this challenge.

Video from ETW:

At Nova Café, we tried Gillardeau oysters and Fleur de Eaux.
My favorites were the escargots and mash, which were baked with red wine, and butter and the sesame crusted lamb.

For drinks we had Spanish beers which are rare in Hong Kong.

**Photograph credits: Siuyeahdragon

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