Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Aloha Second Hawaiian joint in HK

The first time I tried Hawaiian POKE was at Pololi in Central, I wasn't quite sure if it would become popular with the locals but HK'ers love sushi and sashimi bowls.

POKE is typically raw tuna (ahi) cubes marinated with sea salt, a small amount of soy sauce, inamona (roasted crushed candlenut), sesame oil, limu seaweed, and chopped chili pepper.

It is encouraging to see a similar shop in Quarry Bay because Quarry Bay has more people than eateries so every restaurant is packed at lunch.

At Aloha, they have more options such as Quinoa and brown rice.
From the choices, they use mostly yoghurts and coconut dressings so they all taste similar and creamy.
The wasabi one also tasted creamy and the wasabi was not strong enough.

I got the tofu because the fish wasn't that interesting and they all tasted really similar.
Tofu avocado:

The tofu had a creamy taste and the lime was not strong enough.
There were big chunks of tofu which were chewy, spongy and rubbery but didn't have much taste and it got sickly after I had a lot of tofu.

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