Thursday, January 17, 2013

Macau's Tai Lei Loi Kei in Hong Kong

In Central, you can now order pork chop buns with this new branch of Tai Kei Loi Kei from Macau.
I remember seeing this in Macau but I did not try it.
The prices seem cheaper in Hong Kong compared to the one in Macau.
However the branch in Macau had a really nice smell of pork chops coming out from the shop.

On my first visit, they did not have all the items available so I tried it another day in one go.
Supreme pork chop bun:
All their pork chops have a bone attached because they claim the meat is more tender and juicy.
The pork chop tasted ok but the baguette bun could have been fresher.
Portugese style Spicy fish baguette:
Same as the pork chop bun, the baguette could have been fresher because the texture was not that springy.
The spicy fish was a mix of fish and onions in curry powder which I found too spicy.
Bacalhau mashed potato balls:
It was weird that they came with thai sweet chili sauce, I would have preferred ketchup or lemon.
I did not use the sauce anyway.
The mashed potato balls were really nice and the fish taste was really strong and the potato was nice and fluffy.
The usual pork chop bun comes with soft drinks or tea, but they had other interesting drinks from Santa Vittoria too.

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