Friday, January 11, 2013

Exclusive dishes at Kowloon Tong's Greyhound

I was really chuffed to be invited to try the exclusive new dishes at Kowloon Tong's new Greyhound Thanks to the Marketing group.
I have been to Greyhound before twice which were paid visits just to try their famous Lemon Tea and desserts.

On this visit I got to try their new dishes which is also offered in their Beijing Branch of Greyhound.

This restaurant is located on the second floor next to Pizza Express.
This branch features a convertible private room when required especially when they have celebrities.
Waterfall Grilled Lamb:
Sirlion of lamb served on skewers with Thai north eastern style spices with chopped shallots, spring onion, dry chilies and lime juice.
This was my favourite because their sauce was really similar to the sauce at chili club for the thinly sliced grilled beef filet.
Surprising the lamb and the sauce were a great match and lamb meat has never been so appetizing and moreish.
I will definately order this on my next visit which means I have to come back to this branch as they only serve it here.
They also offer this at their Beijing branch because the people up North like lamb.
Buffalo Burger:
Burger with minced beef, fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomato and sweet basil.
When it came, I was already delighted because the burger bun was no ordinary bun but a black one.
Initially I thought it was charcoal but it turned out to be squid ink which was even better because not many places have squid ink buns.
The burger patty was good because it was lean minced beef and it also had my favourite buffalo mozzarella cheese.
NEW: Roast Beef Panini:
With grilled vegetables and spicy pesto.
On the photo you can see there was so much pesto infused with other herbs and spices.
The beef and aubergines had a nice charred taste.
Fusilli Phad Thai:
Italian short and chewy pasta stir-fried in Phad Thai sauce, topped with fresh beansprouts, crushed peanuts, dried shrimps and chili powder.
It was a nice change from Cambodian noodles with fusilli which was nice and colourful too.
Noodle with Thai Duck Stew
Rice noodle in tender duck stew soup. Flavoured with chili sauce and fish sauce.
The sauces came in a separate dish which was good and these are the best rice noodles I have had because they are thinner than the usual Cambodian noodles.
However the noodles get soft quickly so eat it as soon as you can.
Minced Chicken with Sweet Basil and Hot Chilies
Usually this dish is minced beef, but here they offer chicken which tastes even better because chicken is tender and leaner than pork.
Spaghetti with Thai Anchovy
This item is another must order item because the taste is very strong, from salty anchovies to strong basil leaves.

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