Friday, January 25, 2013

Get your dose of Beautisoup at Beautifood

Although I love the salads at Beautifood I like to try new things as well and now there is finally something new at Beautifood.

They now serve soup, which costs $30 per cup.

Basically the broth base is chicken bouillon, har-mi infusion and miso and you can choose three items to go in the soup:

Lobster (+$10)
Onsen egg
Mixed rice
I finally tried the soup before the tasting at Arome Bakery because I needed something savoury before I can eat sweet things.

I ordered the soup with Tofu, spinach and mixed rice as I was quite hungry as well.
Tofu, spinach and mixed rice soup:
On my first sip, it was quite spicy because they put kimchi in it.
As the soup cooled down I was able to taste more flavours.
I was really glad I chose rice because it was slightly filling and made the soup not so salty.
It was really good they used brown rice (the rice that they use for their burritos)
I ended up really liking the soup so I went back again for the soup again this time trying the lobster.
The tofu was really nice because it was bonito style and the tofu that they used was the firm type which I like.
Lobster, spinach and mixed rice soup:
This time I opted lobster for an extra $10.
The soup was too salty this time but the lobster saved the day.
It was REAL lobster meat from a big lobster claw and not tiny crayfishes that restaurants like to pretend as Lobster!
You can see the lobster patterns on the peach coloured part too!
The lobster meat was divine because it was chunky, fresh, tender and had no shells attached!

The lobster they used was probably from Bo-Innovation which is great stuff!~

You can see the chunk of lobster was as big as the tablespoon!
I doubt you would find lobster chunks this big at other restaurants unless you are paying a high price for it and usually they serve you shredded lobster meat which disappears when cooked!
I will sure be back for the lobster soup again and order the salad as well!
Anyway, I will go again and see if the soup is still salty and see if I get those big chunks of lobster again!


Anyway, next time I will get the soup and salad deal for $68 since the salad is a full portion.
If you are worried about the soup being spicy you can request it without the kimchi spices.
For improvements: If the soup was not that salty then it would be perfect!

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