Thursday, January 17, 2013

Golden Nutty Delights 2013 @ McCafe

I was excited when I saw the new Golden Nutty delights at McCafe because I love hazelnuts and the souffle coffee seemed the best because of the souffle top even though I do not drink coffee.

There are three drinks in that series which are all hot: Golden Nutty Tea (red tea, chocolate and hazelnut), Golden Nutty mocha (coffee, chocolate and hazelnut), and Golden Nutty souffle coffee (hazelnut coffee with a souffle top).
I chose the Golden Nutty Tea and the Golden Nutty souffle coffee because I wanted to try the souffle.
When it was done it came in a paper cup and I never said that I was not dining there, especially for a delicate drink with foam, why would I want it served in a paper cup!
Golden Nutty Tea:
The top of this drink was frothier than the souffle.
The froth was nice and sweet with a strong hazelnut taste.
The tea beneath it was not that sweet but was balanced with the sweetness of the froth.
However the drink was not hot enough.
Overall the taste was nice with hints of hazelnut, chocolate and tea!
Golden Nutty souffle coffee:
Compared to the tea, this drink was much hotter and it had steam coming off it.
The souffle top was really nice and the bubbles were fine and dense which was a pity that it was served in a paper cup with the lid on because half the souffle was gone.

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