Friday, January 18, 2013

360 NESW degrees of pasta

This branch was opened recently and as usual any new restaurant attracts crowds during their the first few weeks just like Pasta Marche did for people who only venture within Po Lam.
Anyway, I waited for the hype to go down and finally gave it a visit.

Again it was another Western style Japanese restaurant similar to Pasta Marche, however the food is more Japanese and the prices are more expensive than Pasta Marche.

The décor is similar to Greyhound (not shown on my photos I took) but I am referring to the drawings on the glass panels by the kitchen.
They had pasta sets for certain discount cards and other pasta sets but there was only one item that I probably wanted to try so I ordered a la carte.

Spaghetti Neapolitan with barbecued baby back ribs:
It was interesting that ribs were paired with this pasta.
The ribs were rather dry and tough and they did not seem fresh because it had that strange pork smell.
The Neapolitan pasta on the other hand was really nice, it had strong tomato puree and green pepper taste and the smoky taste from the bacon.
The only complaint was that it was too salty.
Squid ink rice with fried tempura shrimps in stone pot with lobster sauce:
The taste was slightly disappointing because the squid ink taste was tasteless.
It was topped with lobster sauce as well as cheese. The portion was quite small.
When it came, there was a piece of paper that tells you to let it stand for 3 minutes if you want crispy rice at the bottom of the pot as a result of the piping hot stone pot.
The tempura was quite crispy but the prawns were not straightened out to fry so they were just curled up.
Overall the food was good but a tad overpriced.

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