Friday, January 18, 2013

Chicken and cute cats on the run

I  have always wanted to try their chicken but I thought that this place was difficult to locate so I never attempted to go.
However the location is very convenient and it is beside the mid-level escalators.

Chicken on the run specialises in Australian roast chicken and food.
There are now three good rotisseries in Hong Kong: La Rotisserie, FLAME and Chicken on the run.
There is also a rotisserie in Sai Kung, but the chicken is quite dry.

Although I tried the roast chicken at FLAME first, I felt that I should publish the review first for this place because they are the first Rotisserie in Hong Kong.

As well as roast chicken they also have wonderful side dishes and a confectionery corner of chocolate bars and tuck shop sweets for the expats!
There were so many items I wanted to try, so I tried it over a few visits.
It would be great if all the items in the cabinet were labelled.

While I was there, there were two cute cats outside, a ginger one and a striped one. The striped one jumped on the window ledge and looked at me but I could not take a photo of it quick enough so I only ended up taking a picture of its foot! Overall their food was delicious but the temperature of the food could have been hotter.
Bacon and broccoli quiche: This was not labelled so I thought it was broccoli and cheese quiche but it also had bacon in it.
The taste was amazing, just like the quiches in UK.
Salmon and potato patty:
This patty was round and huge and inside it was lovely mashed potato and pieces of salmon.
I think this is made in house because the potatoes are unevenly mashed and the shaped is interesting.
Again it tasted really nice but it wasn’t hot enough.
Vegetable fried rice:
Only order this if you’re an expat because I really liked it because it did not have that Wok pan taste in it.
It was a nice mix of peas, chives and egg the way I cook my fried rice.
Chicken and herb patty:
The chicken patty was too dry and tasteless.
Roast potatoes:
Compared to the other three rotisseries, this was my least favourite because the potatoes were a bit sweet.
Roast chicken:
There were two flavours for the roast chicken: herbs or chili so I got both.
The chili roast chicken was not very spicy and the herbs one was really nice.
In terms of the chicken they were both tender and juicy.
I did not order the chicken on my first visit because it was late that day and they looked a bit dry, so I decided to try it another day.
nudie GREEN CRUSHIES Smoothie:
This is also an Australian brand of smoothie containing: pressed apple, mashed banana, crushed plum, juiced passion fruit, pressed kiwi fruit, lemon, a dash of spirulina, green tea, wheat grass, and passion flower.
I gulped all of it in one go because it tasted really similar to PJ smoothies in UK.
Cherry ripe: This is not British but I got it because it had cherries and coconut.
It just tasted like a thin Bounty bar with a hint of cherries and there was lot of desiccated coconut inside.

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