Friday, January 11, 2013

Pop over to BLT Steak for a scrummy popover

Located right at the basement of LCX, this restaurant faces the Harbour, if it happens to be a clear day you can see right accross to the Hong Kong side, but highly unlikely in this heavily polluted air city.
Sometimes there is also a big cruiser blocking the view.

I mainly wanted to try this place because of the buffet style starters and the popovers.
Popovers are basically an American version of Yorkshire puddings.
The food here is brilliant but there are insects flying in the salad area and tables.

Steak and eggs:
Burnt and too tough
Spinach popover:
This was delicious but the creamed spinach could have been put aside because it made the popover soft.
Various delicious salads and cheeses.
The panna cotta was really nice and creamy and I loved the generous vanilla seeds at the bottom.

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