Friday, January 11, 2013

Fish gas bladded mixed with pork skin

魚目混珠 珍珍假假食店

Finally this shop is listed, this used to be a shop just serving silky tofu and now they have changed their name to janjansikdim as they are selling other snacks.

Stopped by for some curried fish gas bladder (fish maw) for $20 because not many places offer curried fish gas bladder.
After I ordered, they took a skewer of fish gas bladder and removed the skewer and put the fish gas bladder pieces into the curry broth.
When it was ready, she put the pieces in the white bowl and I did not see her do that.

The pieces on the top were fish gas bladder but beneath it were at least three pieces of pigs skin!
I just felt they insulted my tastebuds if they thought I could not taste the difference!

But honestly, some people have said they could not tell the difference between the two but they should not use this to their advantage to profit!
This place is definately not HALAL and you should be careful and see what you eat if you cannot eat pork.

If she put the pigs skin there by accident, then it really shows they are not professional ie they are fish gas bladder specialists and they cant tell the difference between pigs skin and fish gas bladder.

There is a slight visual difference between them, the pigs skin is more translucent and the fish gas bladder is more cloudy and you cannot see through it.

The fish gas bladder has a slight fish taste to it and the pigs skins does not.
The fish maw is softer and has a gelatinous texture in the middle whereas the pigs skin is springy and tastes different.
The colour of the pigs skin was darker because it was more porous and absorbed the curry sauce.
The curry taste was extremely strong and spicy because they probably hope you cannot tell the difference between pork skin and fish gas bladder.

I really regret not taking photos of the pig's skin and going back to tell them.

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