Friday, January 11, 2013

The Hero from Tai Kok Tsui to Hong Kong

Thanks to Ivy for telling me about this new HERO branch which was opened before Christmas.

I was thrilled when they opened this first Hong Kong branch in Sheung Wan followed by another branch in Central.

They still have the first branch in Tai Kok Tsui which I have always wanted to go but it was too far away and I did not know how to get there!
It just shows how good the food at HERO is because Tai Kok Tsui is out of bounds for quite a lot of people and there are not many westerners that live there and yet it has been around for ages.

I have always thought Hero was a bit out of place in Tai Kok Tsui because it should have always been on the Hong Kong island, but it has survived in a place where the cuisines and locals around it are mostly Chinese which really shows their food is great.

The location in Sheung Wan is great, it is near the MTR station and also near Central.
I ordered the rib eye sandwich set with fries, a jacket potato and extra gravy for the chips.
Rib eye sandwich:
Took one bite and fell in love with it even though I do not like beef.
The slices of beef were lean and fatless and the sauce they used was similar to the sauce used in McD's big mac,
However there was no cheese as shown on the product shot but it still tasted nice.
Jacket potato with corned beef:
I finally got a properly baked jacket potato because the potato skin was crispy and edible too.
The texture of the potato was good too.
The fries were perfect too with just the right amount of salt.
The gravy was delicious and complimented the steak sandwich and fries perfectly.
The coffee was quite nice.

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