Thursday, January 17, 2013

Macau's 金隆 Restaurant in Hong Kong

Came here especially for the dessert and the chicken looked good so decided to try that too.
Although the food served here is not Macanese, this restaurant is from Macau where they have more than one branch.
The menu was interesting and there was a pictoral Chinese character.
Fragrant chicken:
According to the product shot, the chicken is pale, but when it is served, it looks more like chicken in soya sauce.
The chicken was really tender and soft, the sauce that it was in was really nice, however after eating one piece, the chicken beneath it was chicken wings!
I was a bit annoyed that I got two chicken wings because there is no meat at all, just bone and skinhuffy!
Luckily, there was ginger sauce and spicy pickles to finish off my rice!
The jelly is made from papaya seeds according to the menu and it is served with rose syrup.
Luckily the syrup was slightly sweet and the rose flavouring was faint.

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