Friday, January 11, 2013

Riso SEGRETO at the new Domain Mall

I was attracted to this restaurant because of the Piccata Roast chicken.
On my first visit, the chicken was sold out, I was really annoyed because I had waited to get a table and if they had told me I would not have waited.
The style was quite different to the other Riso Cafes, so I did not associate that this was a sister branch of it because Riso Cafes are red and white and this one had more Venetian style to it.
Bascially you order and have the food brought to you but you have to pay once you have ordered and they only accept cash.

pumpkin soup:
this may be too light for some but I loved it, it tasted like baby food.
The negative comment was that the soup was barely warm
Garlic bread and potato wedges:
Same as the soup, the potato wedges were cold and dry.
I suspect it had been reheated in the microwave because potatoes were really dry.
Raisin risotto:
The set came with raisin risotto but I actually would have preferred the tomato risotto offered with the other chicken set.
However the raisin risotto surprised me because it was quite nice.
The portion of risotto was stingy if you look at it compared to the size of the cherry tomatoes and the spring chicken.
Roast Spring Chicken:
The roasted spring chicken was quite nice but I did not like the sauce and herbs because it was sweet.
They only gave one knife between us!
Hawaii satay pizza with pasta:
The pineapples on the pizza were too sweet and made the pizza soggy and the pasta was too peppery.
The drinks for the set were quite good because they had earl grey tea and peach tea.
I wanted to order the earl grey but it was not served with milk which was weird so ordered the Jasmine and peach tea.
The peach tea was quite nice because the taste was quite natrual and not too sweet.

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