Friday, January 18, 2013

Innovative bakery in Yuen Long

It is a pity that this bakery is out of town or I would try their bakery more often.
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We found out about this bakery on a recent visit just to try Sense dessert because Sense Dessert was one of those places that makes you travel out of town for it.

On the first visit my mind was just on Sense Dessert so I did not get anything that day but after reading reviews I found out about other buns that were worth trying.

After the visit to SD, I was slightly more familiar with Yuen Long and how to get there so went to YL again to try Song Song noodles and I went to this bakery as well to get the buns.
I thought that this place would have buns or breads shaped like sticks because of the name Franstick but it was the usual Hong Kong style buns, however the flavours and creations were innovative and not so traditional which appealed to me.

Pandan scone:
The size of the scone was huge and it was only $5!
The colour of it was quite cute because it is rare to see a green scone!
As for the taste, it was quite nice and interesting because it was just like eating a normal scone with raisins and a hint of pandan flavouring.
Apple bread:
Basically it just looked like a huge Mexican bun. Inside it was extremely delicious as it was filled with cooked diced apples just like the filling in an apple pie.
Although I did not like the sweet crispy topping on the bun, it was a bit like the crumble on top of an apple crumble.
Lemon and custard:
It was a pity I did not get this as well because I reckon it would taste good too.
So hopefully someone will try this and give it a review!

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