Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nougats of treasure from ABC Bakery

~Thanks to Mjqueen7e for these yummy scrummy nougats~

On my previous visit to ABC Bakery, I did not notice these because I was attracted by their Western style cakes, but the nougats at ABC bakery are actually their most famous items along with the walnut cookies.

The nougats were so nice and addictive that I could not stop eating them. I did not know that at other places the softness of the nougat was different until Mjqueen7e told me.
For fun I put a piece of nougat in the fridge and it also tasted nice chewier and cold too.
The peanuts in the nougat were a perfect balance.
The sweetness was just right and it tastes like a satisfying SNICKERs bar without the chocolate and caramel.
Each nougat is wrapped in edible rice paper.

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