Friday, January 11, 2013

Maria's curry flavoured eggettes

I always like trying new things so when I heard about the curry eggettes I decided to try them.
However they did not have them as scheduled when I went.
I have tried calling this branch to ask if they were doing the curry eggettes but no one answers the phone.

You have to go there at the right time because there is not always someone at the eggette counter or it is sold out.

Anyway I finally managed to get it this time!

The eggettes cost $17 and you have to wait around 8-10 minutes.
The eggettes are made with their special curry mixture.
curry eggette mixture
curry eggette mixture
The eggette maker is heated up
Then the curry spices and black sesame are added.
After adding the mixture, shredded seaweed is added.
Curry flavoured eggettes:
The curry taste taste was really spicy and the eggette was really sweet which I did not like.
It would have tasted nice if the eggette was savoury.

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