Friday, January 18, 2013

The Sawalika of Anton Street

Came across this place while we were randomly trying food places to pass time while waiting for a table at 22 ships.

This shop is located next to a famous noodle shop where there are long queues at lunch and is most probably well hidden by the queue.

The shop looked small but it was quite inviting because it looked a bit homely.
The name was similar to Sawasdelight in CWB, but that restaurant has closed down and I did not get to try those lilac dessert things.

They had a basket of cute business cards for people to take.
Basically this shop serves noodles, curries, and grilled skewers.
Since I came here a few times, this review is a combination of all those visits.
They had grilled piggy meat which is rare in Hong Kong because it is flown directly from Thailand.
Grilled piggy meat, Grilled beef:
The piggy meat was very tender and it the texture was similar to chicken.
The grilled beef was nice too.
Grilled chicken, grilled pork:
The chicken was tender and juicy and the pork was slightly dry but it was balanced by the lovely peanut sauce.
Fried prawn heads:
This looked interesting on the menu so ordered it.
They also put this in the Tom Yum Kung soup too.
It was a nice snack to eat and they were extremely crispy.
Noodles in Tom Yum Kung soup:
Gave this place another visit and tried the noodles in Tom yum kung soup.
There are various of noodles to choose from ranging from vermicelli, cambodian noodles, glass noodles and parpadelle rice noodles.
For the yellow and green curry noodles, I would recommend the parpadelle rice noodles because it has a sweet taste and for the tom yum kung, I feel that the Cambodian noodles taste best with it.
The parpadelle rice noodles reminded me of the "gwer" noodles I had at Kowloon City in a Thai joint.
In every bowl of noodles, it will have fragrant chopped herbs, crispy garlic and sweet Chinese radish and the topping you choose.
The soup comes separately so the noodles will not go soft.
In every bag of Tom Yum Kung soup, it contains tomato wedges, mushrooms, fried prawn heads which taste really nice and the soup is also really nice as the tomato is really strong.
They also have a non spicy version of the Tom Yum Kung and it is really non-spicy as claimed!
Overall the food here is really nice and there are a lot of customers already even though there are not many reviews.

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