Thursday, January 17, 2013

The song of Yuen Long @ 爽爽麵店

Ever since I saw their interesting shop name I have always wanted to dine here.
The characters of the Chinese name looks like a curly L and a £ (pound sign)!
This joint is famous for pork chops and chicken in wine.

For the pork chops you can choose lean pork chops or the normal ones.
As for drinks they have Chrysanthemum and Lemon but since I do not like chrysanthemum I did not order any drinks as the rest were Chinese style drinks.

The restaurant was full, so I was led to another room nearby.
(It reminded me of dining at God's Kitchen in Tai Kok Tsui before they moved to the new shop.
In that room, all the food was served in plastic tubs and containers probably because it is private property so if any legal problem arises then they can say that it was a gathering and people brought the food there themselves.
After you have finished eating, you have to go back to the shop and pay because you cannot pay there.

Anyway, I ordered the chicken in wine with noodles.
I asked for the tossed noodles because I did not want the soup.

Chicken in wine with noodles:
When it came I transferred all the chicken to the plastic container and then put the noodles in the remaining wine so the noodles would soak up the wine.
The noodles were really nice and the wine flavour was at its max.
However the chicken and noodles were rather salty and on my next visit I will request for plain noodles because the oyster sauce that was on the noodles made it extra salty.

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