Friday, January 11, 2013

Your healthy dose of Chitosan and gourmet food

Everytime I visit Tai O, I always have to visit this place because their food is so delicious, especially their signiature pancakes and their chips.

Luckily, for me there is no such thing as yithei (the Chinese definition of heatiness), so I can eat all the fried stuff I want without suffering any sorethroats or weird symptoms.

Deep fried crabs:
I did not try this last time so I ordered it.
They were deep fried mini crabs which all of it was edible so you can get your dose Chitosan which is a fat blocker or reduces the amount of oil absorbed in the body as well as a good source for Calcium.
It started off quite nice but it got saltier because after you have had a lot of crab it tends to taste salty.
Just like my previous visit, they gave me a shrimp and a piece of fish to try too tongue
Deep fried chips:
I ordered a big portion this time because I cannot get enough of it. The centre of each of the chips were lovely and soft inside.
The coating is just as nice.
Its a pity they do not have vinegar but mixing the ketchup and chili sauce that they have makes a good dip for the chips.
Deep fried squid:
The fried squid was a bit too tough for my liking. The frying ruined its delicate texture.
Again this was delicious, I had forgotten how delicious they were.
Each piece is separated by a piece of paper which makes them easier to pick up without getting your fingers dirty.
I loved the strong cumin and cilantro taste.

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