Friday, January 11, 2013

Toast with honey and whipped cream @ Hero

After my first visit to the Sheung Wan branch of Hero I have been craving for another visit.

I have been to Central about four times attempting to dine here but I could not find it because it is actually located on Wellington street and not Lynhurst terrace.
I liked this branch because it had a fun and hip atmosphere compared to the Shenug Wan Branch, the SW branch has a more serious atmosphere for entrepreneurs and people wearing suits, whereas this branch is run by ABCs and caucasians.

I ordered the toast with whipped cream and honey with an iced coffee.

Toast with honey and whipped cream:
They served the honey separate because I requested it separate so that I could control the sweetness myself.
The toast was thicker than I imagined and it was cut into four pretty square cubes each with cream on top.
It looked slightly different to the product shot which was not cut into four pieces but the way they served it looked nice.
I did not use the honey because the cream was sweet and the crispy toast tasted really nice with the airy light whipped cream.
Iced coffee:
The coffee tasted nice but it was too milky for my liking.

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