Friday, January 11, 2013

All you can eat @ Dim Sum Bar

A likeable place for dim sum because they offer interesting items such as prawn dumplings in lobster soup.
Overall the food was good, but the fried items could be better because the oil was old.

Prawn dumplings:
The dumpling skin was al-dente and it was filled with succulent prawns.
Xo sauce chicken feet:
The sauce was really spicy.
Egg tart with birds nest:
The egg tarts was really nice and the filling was not too sweet.
Parmesan cheese and spinach panfried dumplings:
The parmesan cheese was quite strong and it was quite sickly.
Baked mexican buns filled with chocolate:
There was too much chocolate filling, otherwise it was quite nice.
Baked mexican buns filled with taro cream:
This was my favourite, it was visually nice and the taro taste was delicate and not too sweet.

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