Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cupcake in a real ceramic cup @ Passion by Gerard Dubois

Came here a while ago with friends and they tried the cupcakes.
Usually they are served in paper cake cases but these are served in ceramic cups so you need to eat them with a spoon.
I was curious if they gave you the cup for takeaways so I got and takeaway, and they do give you the cup too!
Pandan on chocolate cupcake:
With quite alot of these artisan cupcakes, I have had alot of disappointment because they look better than the taste, however the cupcakes here look good as taste good.
I chose the Pancake cupcake because I like Pandan.
It was pandan buttercream on top of chocolate cake.
Intially I was a bit skeptical with the combination because I thought the chocolate taste would be too strong to be paired with pandan but I was wrong!
The chocolate cake at the bottom is richer and denser than the usual cupcake style cakes and the colour of it was BLACK!! and to illustrate the BLACKNESS I used flash.
I was astonished by the taste of the chocolate cake base because it was not sweet yet it still had a rich cocoa taste which was good because the buttercream was sweet so it was perfect having the pandan buttercream and cake together. I usually scrape away the decorative cream because it is too sweet, but here the sweetness was just right.
The decorative sugars were pretty but I did not like them.
I will be back for the other cupcakes!

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