Friday, January 11, 2013

Grilled snacks and frozen foods grilled for you

Previously I assumed this was a shop selling frozen foods for Barbecues and parties but now they also do seafood and they have a dine in section for grilled snacks.
Stopped by for some grilled foods because they there was a free sweet soup if you ordered any grilled item.
Ordered the grilled mackeral and grilled beef cubes.
Grilled mackeral:
The mackeral was grilled just right and the skin was extremely crispy.
The taste was nice and natrual and you can also taste the natural fish oils.
I was really glad they did not add the nasty sweet teriyaki sauce to it, however if they had a wedge of lemon it would have been perfect.
Grilled beef cubes:There was too much black pepper
Beancurd and cane sugar sweet soup:This was not as nice as anticipated, but I have never been a fan of sweet soup!

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