Friday, January 18, 2013

Back for delicious and tender salmon @ Maureen's

Since the last tasting at this place, I was craving for more fish.

On this visit I ordered the fish set which includes noodles, salmon and soup.
I was also given a glass of lemon and ginger tea.

Maureen was not there that day but the food was still amazing as the tasting session so the standards have kept.
It also tasted nicer that day because I ate the noodles and fish immediately and spent less time taking photos.

It was whelk soup and it was msg free.
The noodles were much more delicious time and the sauce was evenly over every strand of noodle.
The sesame cream on top made the noodles more fragrant and the delicate vegetables gave it a lovely crisp crunch.
When it came, I thought it was slightly over cooked because there was white stuff on it.
However I was wrong, the salmon was still delicious and perfect on the inside.
It was soft and tender with no bones and I was happily eating huge chunks of it.
I loved the way the salmon had been turned into Chinese steamed fish by the simple spring onions and ginger on top with the soy sauce.
The greens beneath it were also tender and young greens which were delicious.
Lemon and ginger tea:
The lemon and ginger tea was lovely and the ginger was very strong.

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