Friday, January 11, 2013

Gwat Gwat Guangzhou style rice rolls in Sai Kung

Tried this place because of the banner showing these weird looking rice rolls.
Initally I did not know the Chinese for it but it turns out it is pronounced "guaat" which means rough I think.
Gwat gwat rice rolls:
When it came, these rice rolls looked like long straight umblical cords and they also reminded me of the Chaozhao style rice rolls too, however the Chaozhao rice rolls are served circular and look more like a sheep's placenta.

Chaozhou Rice Roll
I just felt they tasted like ordinary rice rolls but because they had extra ridges, it was slightly al-dente and the ridges hold the sauce, so it tastes better.
I asked them if these were Chaozhao rice rolls and they said they learnt it from Guangzhou!
There was nothing interesting about the frankfurters, fishballs or shaomai.
Inmitation sharks fin soup:
This was like gunge and it was so lumpy that you can taste the starchy flour.
Soy bean drink:
It was good that it was not sweetened and the sugar is added by yourself

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